Want to Feel Happier?

We all have that now and again – something knocks us completely sideways, everything is up in the air, spinning around us, we can’t seem to get back to reality, are unsure whether to cry, shout, or just curl up in bed.

The time when life was great seems an age away and we are unsure how to get back there.

Sometimes we just want something light hearted to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And don’t worry, it isn’t all slush, there is a serious note at the end.

But for now, here is what makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside:

Cuddles from someone you love

Being snuggled in bed when the rain is pouring down outside

A mug of cocoa

Laughing until you can’t breathe

Films that make you cry.

Films that make you laugh

Smiling at strangers

Hearing your favourite song on the radio

The beach

The countryside and greenery in general



Mulled wine (ooooooo another reason to look forwards to Christmas!)

Being silly (without the wine!)

Getting out an old handbag and finding money in it

Watching someone open a present from you.


Your team winning at football/rugby/baseball

Telling someone what is wrong, even when you really don’t want to

Waving at random strangers as you drive past and seeing the look of confusion on their face!

Sweet dreams

Waking up and realising you still have a couple of hours left to go back to sleep.

Puppies, kittens or other cute animals. (Although I have to say that some of those cutesy e-mails just make me want to retch and hit delete!)

Knowing you have done a good job

Helping someone else

Great books

Trashy books on holiday in the sun (Please tell me I’m not the only one who has read a Jackie Collins!)

Doing something new and realising you are pretty good at it.

Breakfast in bed

Aw I feel better already! Okay, some of these are a little cheesy but hey, we all need a bit of cheese occasionally – crackers with that?!

What makes you smile?

On a slightly more serious note, I am lucky that when life does throw something at me, I can have a terrible time, then pick myself up and get on with things again. I haven’t always been this way and a few years ago, it would have sank me right down and taken months to pull myself out of a full on depression. So if you are in that situation, I can promise you that things will improve.

Life will never be smooth sailing, but the tough parts can be dealt with as quickly as possible and you will be able to get back to feeling good sooner rather than later.

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