Compromising With Your Housemate

When getting out of the family home to go start off on one’s own, most young people for fear of facing high costs on their own, will always get friends or former classmates to share the living quarters with them. Normally what they fail to do is to check the background of these friends as pertains to their cleanliness and housekeeping.

Many people do not realize these matters as important, when planning to share a house with other people. Actually you should first of all think about how aware they are of hygiene such that the sanitation of your living environment and the general cleanliness of the house are not compromised.

Anyone who cannot keep things and their living quarters clean should just confine their untidiness to their own quarters. This however, becomes very hard when it gets to the sharing of some common amenities like the washrooms and it can even reach the kitchen and the living room as well. It is always wise to make sure that all the dirty things are cleaned within 48 hours.

If the dirt is from animal protein or anything to do with the blocked sewer or toilet, then it becomes worse and should be treated with utmost urgency. Making a duty roster does help under such situations so that each person can get a chance to do some proper cleaning of the rooms. It helps to avoid any disgruntled feelings from some quarters.

Sharing with people does not mean that every person will know how to exercise cleanliness or all the rules of general hygiene. Sharing the house with non family members is very hard, since they force you to conform to their own standards. Some would be ignorant in areas such as common courtesy or things like needing to turn down the sound of music in the late hours of night.

Some would keep using things that do not belong to them and have no qualms about it. They would not even bother to ask first before using anything that is not theirs. It is always important to have clear cut arrangements about one’s privacy, sharing personal belongings, and giving one another individual space. This will help the housemates to keep their trust and friendship intact and avoid hurting other peoples feelings.

It is important to discuss issues to do with money and expenditure and other issues that are common to all.

Discuss the expenses that are joint, who will do the grocery shopping, go pay rent and bills for utilities and so forth. People should not postpone such discussions. Duties and responsibilities when shared; must be followed up to prove that payments were made and purchases done.

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